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Webinar: 10 Questions Enrollment Marketers Need To Be Able To Answer

In the end, enrollment marketers for colleges and universities are driven by numbers. They need to source more prospects. Reduce time to contact. Increase enrolls. Increase starts. Retain more students. Reduce the cost of acquisition…Those are a  lot of demands to juggle. And there’s a lot of pressure. A school’s financial well-being is on the line, and all eyes are on enrollment and admissions.

How do you know if you’re succeeding or failing? We think there are 10 questions every enrollment marketer needs to be able to answer. If you can answer each of them, you are on right path. Register now for CUnet's webinar at 2 p.m. Eastern on October 29. In this webinar, they will explain these questions, and demonstrate how Sparkroom, the enrollment application for higher education, can help you answer them.

Who should attend
·    Enrollment marketers
·    Enrollment and Admissions managers
·    University marketers tasked with driving growth
·    IT data analysts and project managers

·    Al Huizenga – Director of Sparkroom
·    Dale Leatherwood – Managing Director, CUnet Sales & Marketing


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