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International Students Ripe for the Picking

By Jonathan Shores

Since 2000, growth among international students attending college has increased more than 80 percent, jumping from 2 million to just over 3.6 million students. The United States of America is still the number one educational destination for students and a primary reason is that almost 160 of the world’s top 400 schools lay within our borders. In fact, the United States accounts for 20 percent of all international enrollments, with the United Kingdom second at 11 percent, followed by Australia (8 percent), and China, France and Germany (7 percent) rounding out the top six countries. Interestingly, China remains the largest single source of enrollments that will contribute to international student growth in the United States, with 29 percent. Coupled with the fact that China’s average annual growth of 20 percent wanting to study outside of their home country, they will not lose their reign as being the largest single source of enrollments any time soon. While China’s economic prowess is growing in stature over the last several years, the country only boasts 2 of the top 400 universities worldwide.

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