Marcel Dalziel

Managing Director
PlattForm, UK

Marcel Dalziel is Managing Director of PlattForm, UK and former Managing Director of MJD Consultancy in Coventry, England, focusing on international activities and the global strategy of education without borders. Born in Durham, England, Dalziel spent his school years studying and living in South Africa, Australia and the UK, which helped develop his passion for education and the international student experience. After completing his B.S. in geography in 1998, he joined Hobsons UK and developed their international media portfolio. He launched MJD Consultancy in 2005, an education-only advertising agency focused on delivering expert advice on domestic and international media to universities around the world. In 2011 Dalziel launched The Student World, a series of successful study abroad fairs focused on helping international universities recruit UK students, and plans to launch similar fairs in the United States, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East.